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The Beast (Bad Boys #2) is now live!

My newest book, THE BEAST is out today! It’s the second in the Bad Boys Series (standalone, you don’t need to have read the first). You can grab it for only 0.99 cents or borrow for free with Kindle Unlimited. Belle Lockhart is on the run from a biker after seducing him and stealing his cash. She hides in what appears to be an abandoned house in the woods. When the occupant of the house shows himself, he claims he’s a beast and that Belle should stay far away from him. But Belle … [Read More]

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A Feathered Child is Live (and new covers)

It's finished. Phew. For those that have been waiting on the last Feathered book, A Feathered Child is now live at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. I haven't done the print version yet, but that will be coming soon too. The first thing you … [Read More]

Time to think about the next project …

As Feathered 3 comes to completion a few weeks later (or months if you want to go by my original schedule) than I predicted, I've begun to re-evaluate my deadlines. I have to face the facts that I'm not as fast a writer as many other successful romance … [Read More]


Feathered Covers – Change Them?

As Feathered #3 gets closer to completion (2/3 done) I've started to think more and more about covers. Normally about now I'd be advising my cover designer to start work on the cover for the third book and give him a brief on the design, however I'm seriously … [Read More]