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You cuss too much

I hear you dear readers. I've had reviews that have said I've used the f word too often in the Hold On series. So I checked. 124 occurrences. Yeah, I guess that was probably a bit of overkill. Funnily enough, my goal when writing the Feathered series was to write it without using that word at all. Not once. So maybe I just overcompensated with this one? Anyway, I'm taking it on board and will make sure the Rock Star series (haven't started it yet), will have fewer occurrences of the f … [Read More]

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What’s Next?

I had so much fun writing Hold On as a serial. I just may be a new fan to the format. Plus, it's been my best selling series so far, so there's that. Which means … [Read More]

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Hold On – Part 3

The third and final instalment of Hold On is now live at Amazon. Get it here. Ethan is spiralling back toward his dark past and Sarah can’t stop it … [Read More]

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Hold On – Part Two

Merry Christmas! Last week (or was it the week before, I think I've lost track of what day is what over this holiday period), I published the second part of Hold On. I'm sure most of you already know this, given that it's already selling well. But I hadn't … [Read More]


Hold On – Part 1

I wrote a serial. I'm really excited about it, because it's my first time writing with the first person present style. I found that I loved writing this way, as everything seems more urgent and real, and I could get into my characters head more and really … [Read More]

Eric Northman for no other reason but that he's a vampire and it's Halloween. You're welcome.

a romance serial in progress

Hello all to all readers of my blog, yes, all three of you … It’s Halloween night here in Oz and I’m feeling a little sugared out so thought, why not write a post on this blog of mine that isn’t telling you about a new book I’ve published and is more of my … [Read More]