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Hold On – Part 1

I wrote a serial. I'm really excited about it, because it's my first time writing with the first person present style. I found that I loved writing this way, as everything seems more urgent and real, and I could get into my characters head more and really bring out the emotion. I know that not everyone loves serials because they hate cliffhangers (personally I love them), so if that's you, you might want to wait until the whole series is finished and get the box set. I'm hoping to finish Part … [Read More]

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Eric Northman for no other reason but that he's a vampire and it's Halloween. You're welcome.

a romance serial in progress

Hello all to all readers of my blog, yes, all three of you … It’s Halloween night here in Oz and I’m feeling a little sugared out so thought, why not write a post on … [Read More]

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THE BIKER is out today!

Hey all, My newest book, THE BIKER is out today! It’s the third in the Bad Boys Series (standalone, you don’t need to have read the others). You can grab it … [Read More]

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The Beast (Bad Boys #2) is now live!

My newest book, THE BEAST is out today! It’s the second in the Bad Boys Series (standalone, you don’t need to have read the first). You can grab it for only 0.99 cents or borrow for free with Kindle Unlimited. Belle Lockhart is on the run from a biker … [Read More]

Will my books be on Kindle Unlimited?

Update: I'm going all in. Everything except the novella's should be on KU now, the novella's will be on next week after I make some cover tweaks. It's scary going Amazon exclusive, but I'm going to give it a good six months to see if it was the right decision … [Read More]


Should I Change Trance’s Cover?

I've been debating on whether I should change the cover for Trance. I've been experimenting with both the new and old over the past month to see if it had any impact on sales (it didn't) so now it's down to which one I personally prefer. I just don't … [Read More]