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Feathered Covers – Change Them?

As Feathered #3 gets closer to completion (2/3 done) I've started to think more and more about covers. Normally about now I'd be advising my cover designer to start work on the cover for the third book and give him a brief on the design, however I'm seriously contemplating going in a new direction. I'm torn. While I love the simplicity and professionalism of the current covers, I'm not sure it's clearly conveying genre. When I head over to Amazon and look in the Paranormal Romance section, … [Read More]

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In His Sails is Published!

Hey all! Just a heads up to let you know that my latest book, In His Sails, has just been released on Amazon (other retailers coming soon). It's novella length (although I prefer the term mini novel). Here's the blurb: I didn’t want to go on holiday. … [Read More]


The Brute is Published

The Brute is now live at Amazon & Kobo, (other retailers will follow over the coming days/weeks). It's a short novel (novella) of around 20,000 words. Angel Parrish has got her dream job in Charlotte, and everything is going well, until she loses it … [Read More]

I’m on Facebook

Yes sir'ee I went and got me'self one of those fancy schmancy Facebook pages things. Yeeha! https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTabithaLevin Now I've got to remember to post on it :) Tabs xx … [Read More]